Liberal: ok, you are angry. But guess what: No. One. Cares.

Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly accurate. If you live in a Congressional district that is represented by a Democrat or if your Senators (or one of them) are Democrats..they might, especially if they have a primary election to worry about.

And yeah, I understand venting to friends; I do that all of the time. And your friends and loved ones probably care.

But Republicans do not care at all…or wait…they might even delight in your anger.

But think about it: in general, the world cares about you to the extent that it can get something out of you.

Yeah, you might be able to, say, jam things up by blocking a highway..but wow, that worked didn’t it? Those primary/election Trump protests worked really well didn’t they? BLM disruptions? we have a neo-confederate as an Attorney General. How is THAT for improving things?

Bottom line: if you are one of those who doesn’t have money to spend, why should a company care about you or what you think?
If you aren’t someone’s boss: why would they care about what you think?

So go ahead an rant your heart out.

But if you have nothing worth having to offer, no one (aside from a few loved ones and friends) is going to care what you think.

If we don’t win Congress (or at least one chamber in 2018)…or at least drive Trump to quit the presidency….all for nothing.

Workout notes: easy 5K in West Peoria before a loooooong graduation ceremony. Ugh. At least there is the ballgame tonight.


May 13, 2017 - Posted by | politics/social, running, social/political |

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