The appeal of Trump, data analytics and all that…

Still working on finals; taking a break. Workouts are logged at the end of this post.

Trump and data miningFor me, this is, at once, both spooky and awe inspiring. Remember that Trump won the key Electoral College states by a whisker so even a 1 percent shift was HUGE. These go into how it was done, at least in terms of data mining, false news planting and the like. (here, and here) Trump’s people knew who to target, what fake news to show them and how to motivate their people to get to the polls.

And I have to hand it to the Republicans: they know that many vote their resentments and they know how to turn resentments away from the upper, upper classes to the far less wealthy “professional classes”.

And surprisingly enough, I can see it. Think about the “data mining” links I posted. Who paid for that and set it up? That’s right: multi-millionaires to billionaires. But who do you see wagging their fingers at you and calling you a bigot because you, say, are uncomfortable with…oh, say, transgender rights (say, to use a locker room)? Who is enforcing, uh, “political correctness” at the workplace?

People like villains that they can see.

And I get it. Look at the push-back against the House health care law I am seeing on my feed. Almost exclusively, it is “poor person X saying that YOU need to pay more in tax because THEIR kid needs it”. Yes, the other “not-so-well-off” find the message appealing. At times, it really does seem that the liberal message is “hey, high income earner: you need to pay more in tax to fund MY poor life choices”.

Yes, yes, yes, reality is way more nuanced than that, but I am talking about appearances and emotions here.

Yes, I don’t like Trump and I even gave the Clinton campaign some money (and, of course, voted for her). But it is easy for me to dislike Trump (as a President anyway) because I put a high premium on being factual and on technical competence; for example, had the race been between Mitt Romney and Jill Stein, I would have voted for Romney even though I agree with Stein on more issues.

And yes, “demand side” economics makes more sense to me, and the stimulus that society gets by being a bit more generous with safety net stuff is worth the price of funding a small percentage of slackers and no-good-for-nothings (and yes, they are there and yes, many get public aid).

Workout notes Monday: am, weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10; last one was 5-5), bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 8 x 170, incline: 10 x 135, military: 20 x 50 dumbbell (seated, supported), 10 x 45, 10 x 45 standing, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine. goblet squats: 5 x (25, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70).

Later: walk (5K, Bradley Park)

Today: 1:49:40 for my 15K course; 47:56, 47:26 were the two “just over 4” segments. Cool and sunny, but it was a shuffle; legs were somewhat tired from the squats yesterday.


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