The Health Care/Insurance debate: how superstition can be harmful

Yes, I am the first person to promote the virtues of eating well, exercising, avoiding excessive risks, not smoking, showing restraint in one’s sex life (and using condoms) etc.

Maintaining a healthy weight, refraining from smoking, staying physically active can all help increase one’s odds of staying healthy. Also, practicing things to help one to remain serene can help. So does science (e. g., getting your vaccines!!!!)

But that is far, far, far from the whole story. There are many factors such as unavoidable accidents (e. g. that drink driver crosses over and hits you), genetic factors, and just plain bad luck.

But the religious nutters and other woo-woos refuse to accept this. Many simply cannot live with the inherent randomness; to them, the whole universe is all part of some deity’s plan.

And yes, sometimes jerks who think this way elect other jerks who think this way:

So, needless to say, I am skeptical:

Maybe I’ll be wrong; after all, the stop gap budget was a pleasant surprise.

workout notes: deliberate but non-intense 4 mile walk; I am kind of dragging.


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