Chiefs Hang in, win…beautiful day

The Chiefs won 6-5 behind 2 home runs and 8 hits; the key inning was the bottom of the second when the Chiefs loaded the bases and got all of the runners in. They lead 6-3 after 4 innings, but Wisconsin made it close. An error helped them score in the 8’th. In the top of the 9’th, the pitcher walked the first two batters and a sacrifice bunt moved the runners to 2’nd and 3’rd with 1 out, but the pitcher regained his control (breaking balls) to strike out the side.

The Chiefs are now 20-31; a far cry from the last couple of seasons. But that is what happens at class A; the talent moves up. It was still a fun game to watch.

Workout notes: weights plus a 5K walk.
rotator cuff, 5 sets of 10 pull ups (ok, despite being 198), incline bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 160, 7 x 150, military: seated, supported 20 x 50, standing: 10 x 50, 10 x 40, one armed rows 10 x 50 (3 sets), Hammer incline 8 x 70 each arm), headstand (got up ok; a bit shaky)

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Blocking someone on Twitter vs. Facebook

Someone I once talked to got angry with me and blocked me on Twitter. The year before, I got angry with them and blocked them on Facebook. No big deal…but I learned something.

On Facebook: if someone blocks you, you cannot see anything about them…even if they have an account..from the account that they blocked. You cannot see comments, etc.

Twitter is very different. If you remember their twitter address/handle, you can do a search for it on the little search window in the upper right and corner and see where they have been mentioned by others. What you can’t do is access their timeline or tweet to them.

If you really want to, you can set up an alternate account and see their time line (can’t do that on Facebook unless their wall is a “public” wall, as mine is (mostly)). I have zero desire to do that, but someone COULD do that to you, if so inclined.

I found that is useful to know. Off to the gym.

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Knowing what you are talking about…and lying…

Interesting: evidently about 49 percent of Trump’s followers on Twitter are “bots” of various kinds, and evidently he has quite a few “new” followers.

One sign of a bot: no profile photo and an unusual number of tweets (either an outrageous number or none at all) and a few followers.

I now have a new twitter account that I am keeping secret because I want to see how many followers I end up “starting from scratch”…right now I have a grand total of 14 on that account (over a 3 day period). My others are 152 (social account) and 135 (academic “professor’s watercooler” account). In the world of twitter, those are tiny, tiny followings.

But I wonder if my new “political news” account will be suspected as a bot/troll account.

Anyway, I am keeping it super secret so my experiment doesn’t get foiled…

And yes, lots of things are happening. I have to be careful to not jump on stories that I want to be true.

On a related topic: I’ve often been confronted with “activist speak”: those who feel passionately about a topic but really don’t know that much about it. More than once, in an attempt to “educate” me, they’ve given me proper articles..which they drew incorrect inferences from. That can be tiring.

Yes, they have the right to speak, but they have no right for me to pay attention to what they are saying. What is the saying: “having the comfort of an opinion sans the discomfort of thought”?

Workout notes: easy 4 mile run in Bradley Park. Perfect weather. Ball game tonight.

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Noise Pollution

A few years ago, I went to a conference in Madison, WI. There was a lovely convention center by a lake and I went up to the roof to eat lunch; they had a few benches there. I was surprised at how empty it was (glorious day, lovely lake view) until…..BRRRRRRR….there came a worker with one of those back pack leaf blowers. One could barely hear themselves think; no wonder the roof was empty.

I don’t know what their leaf blowing schedule was, but it was clear that the area was unusable while it was going on.

Then I thought about my own neighborhood. The most peaceful summer days are the rainy ones; on those one merely has to tolerate the occasional Stanley Steemer. On the sunny days, one gets power mowers, left blowers and other obnoxious machines. Forget about using your porch to read.

What makes my neighborhood a bit worse is its construction. The houses are so perfectly aligned that there are sound channels; for example, if your neighbor is having a normal voice conversation on their porch across the street, you can hear them, word for word, inside your living room. It is almost as if our living room has a parabolic microphone…one that I do not want.

Ok, I am making excuses for not reading. I went up into a quiet bedroom to try to read…and fell asleep. Pathetic. 🙂

Workout notes: morning: weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10; first one sucked; rest were strong), goblet squats (45-45-50-55-60-65-70-75), bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 8 x 170, incline: 10 x 135, military (seated) 18 x 50 (ran out of gas), standing: 10 x 45, 10 x 40. Rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell (each arm), 10 x 110 machine. abs: 2 sets of twist crunch (12), 2 sets of yoga leg lifts (10), 3 sets of 10 moving bridge, headstand.

Then 5K outside in 46:30 (walk); got dive bombed by a red winged blackbird. I hate those things.
Later: super slow 5K walk with Barbara.

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One thing has improved

Walk: 3:43:56 to go 15.2 miles; (14:44 pace) I was 35:56 at Hooters and it took me 1:12:03 to do the final 5 miles. I was 2:20 (almost on the button) at Tower Park, which I got to by taking the path from Springdale to Glenn and heading down Glenn to Tower Park. Then I followed Boredom to McClure which I took to Broadway, Columbia Terrace, Maplewood and home.

Not a huge amount of traffic; I did have a bit of leap frogging with two beaspandexed women, one who was rocking some VPLs. The passed me on the bikepath but would occasionally stop to walk, where I would catch them. And that is the difference: I am not walking “fast” enough to catch people who are in the distance.

Even better: this walk was “no big deal”; it IS getting better. That is very encouraging.

I have an easy week coming up as I will challenge myself next weekend.

Longest walk progression (starting January 7): 10, 10, 10, 13, 8, 10, 8, 8, 10, 13, 6, 6, 11, 14, 14, 7, 10, 5, 14, 16, 15. And finally, the pace is migrating down a bit. Goals: push it to 18 in June, 20 in July, 22 in August. That should get me ready for a fall marathon.

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Toxic Activism and shortsightedness: Feminists and Southern Senators

This tweet (generated when a Congressional candidate body slammed a reporter) got me thinking:

IN THIS CASE, I was wrong in my assumption that a reporter barged in on a private event to pester the candidate with questions. Yes, reporters should be allowed to ask tough questions at public events. But candidates, along with everyone else, have the right to have “invitation only” events at private locations.

If that sounds wrong, ask yourself this: what if a scientist was holding a question and answer period with, say, science media and scientists at some science conference, and some creationist “reporter” from, say, Newsmax barges in uninvited and starts to pester him with stupid creationist questions …under the guise of “getting at the truth”. is that ok? Or is it ok for security to professionally remove the “journalist” from that location? (humanely, of course..I am NOT defending “body slamming”).

And do activists have the “right” to barge in and interrupt? Is THIS ok? (starts at 15 seconds)

To me, it is not.

This takes me back to when some feminist “activists” did an 11 hour sit in at the Ladies Home Journal. Now the magazine is a private entity and they had every right to remove those doing the sit in, though the activists correctly predicted that they wouldn’t do that due to negative publicity. NOW the magazine probably would kick them out. But never mind that.

During this sit in, there WAS an assault (book calls it “attempted assault” but the video I saw shows her jumping on the standing man)

(from here)

Via: The Fun of It: Stories from The Talk of the Town, Nostalgia for the Bygone Days of Family Feuding, Rebecca Meade

So, some time ago, I pointed this out to some lefties and I got “good for her!” “Way to go”. Assault is fine..when “your” side does it. At least, a non-zero percentage of people think that way. And that is nothing new. Remember what happened in the United States Senate?

On May 22, 1856, the “world’s greatest deliberative body” became a combat zone. In one of the most dramatic and deeply ominous moments in the Senate’s entire history, a member of the House of Representatives entered the Senate chamber and savagely beat a senator into unconsciousness.

The inspiration for this clash came three days earlier when Senator Charles Sumner, a Massachusetts antislavery Republican, addressed the Senate on the explosive issue of whether Kansas should be admitted to the Union as a slave state or a free state. In his “Crime Against Kansas” speech, Sumner identified two Democratic senators as the principal culprits in this crime—Stephen Douglas of Illinois and Andrew Butler of South Carolina. He characterized Douglas to his face as a “noise-some, squat, and nameless animal . . . not a proper model for an American senator.” Andrew Butler, who was not present, received more elaborate treatment. Mocking the South Carolina senator’s stance as a man of chivalry, the Massachusetts senator charged him with taking “a mistress . . . who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him; though polluted in the sight of the world, is chaste in his sight—I mean,” added Sumner, “the harlot, Slavery.”

Representative Preston Brooks was Butler’s South Carolina kinsman. If he had believed Sumner to be a gentleman, he might have challenged him to a duel. Instead, he chose a light cane of the type used to discipline unruly dogs. Shortly after the Senate had adjourned for the day, Brooks entered the old chamber, where he found Sumner busily attaching his postal frank to copies of his “Crime Against Kansas” speech.

Moving quickly, Brooks slammed his metal-topped cane onto the unsuspecting Sumner’s head. As Brooks struck again and again, Sumner rose and lurched blindly about the chamber, futilely attempting to protect himself. After a very long minute, it ended.

Bleeding profusely, Sumner was carried away. Brooks walked calmly out of the chamber without being detained by the stunned onlookers. Overnight, both men became heroes in their respective regions.

From Wikipedia:

Conversely, Brooks was praised by Southern newspapers. The Richmond Enquirer editorialized that Sumner should be caned “every morning”, praising the attack as “good in conception, better in execution, and best of all in consequences” and denounced “these vulgar abolitionists in the Senate” who “have been suffered to run too long without collars. They must be lashed into submission.” Southerners sent Brooks hundreds of new canes in endorsement of his assault. One was inscribed “Hit him again.”[32]

As much as I’d love to tar conservatives as being stupid, evil people…I’ll reluctantly admit that this is really more of a reflection of the dark side of humanity which exists in a variety of social and political circles.

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Making choices in sports…River Run shuffle

I love the Chillicothe River Run and we had a perfect day for it. And the competition at the front of the pack was fierce.

But alas…where I enjoyed spending time with Tracy and socializing with some of “the usual” people, I just did not have it today.
My legs felt heavy upon warming up. Then at the start, I did not honor my current state; instead of staying behind some runners I knew would be finishing around my target time, I went ahead and chased an MILF who was rocking some black spandex and VPLS (grannies).

I didn’t feel *that* bad early on but, well, I missed the mile 1 clock; saw the mile 2 at 9:30 (mile 2 going the other way) which meant that I was at about 8:40 for mile 1. Sadly, that is too fast for me, right now.
By the time I got to mile 2 I was fading and had walked a bit (18:15) and then it was run, start to feel good, walk, repeat until I got to the finish in 28:56. My legs felt like cement poles.

What this tells me is that I need to take an easy week prior to the Steamboat 15K or the course is going to butcher me. The good news: last week’s long walk went very well. But I cannot do two things at once; if distance walking improves, short running suffers. That’s reality.

97/158 overall, 63/81 among the males. Sigh…

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Disliking someone/thing that you want to like you

Recovery day workout thoughts. There are some people and some things that, while you really don’t like them…you still want them to like you. That only applies to a few.

Yes, that applies to people. But right now, this applies to an event: the marathon. Yes, running or “speed walking” a marathon is hard work and will, and I mean WILL lead to pain and fatigue. I’ll be hating myself for doing this in the final 10K of the event, guaranteed (unless things go wrong and I don’t make it that far).

But something draws me to it..and yes, I am planning a “maximum effort” this September/October and I am reasonably far along (long walk is currently 16 miles) in my training.

Workout notes rotator cuff, 5 sets of 10 pull ups (not that bad), bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185 (empty gym..didn’t want to push it), incline: 4 x 165, 6 x 150, military press (dumbbell) 20 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45 standing: rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm (dumbbell), 2 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer, Hammer incline: 2 sets of 10 with 140 (70 each arm).
twist crunch: 2 sets of 12, yoga leg lifts: 2 sets of 10, moving bridge: 3 sets of 10, headstand (struggle to get up today).

Then 2 miles of walking outside..wonderful weather.

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Reporters Trump and behavior

Last night, I responded to a Yglesias tweet about the Montana candidate who ended up physically attacking a reporter. I had read the campaign statement and was under the impression that the reporter had crashed a private event.

Yes, I know, physical violence is wrong but I still believe that reporters don’t have license to go where ever they want.
So I said “Bad overreaction, but that the reporter went onto private property, uninvited. Reporters need to respect boundaries.” which, predictably, lead to some responses, many of which were emotional and dumb.
I used the block function a couple of times.

BUT, I ended up talking to some cool people too and gained a couple of more “non-public” people to follow.

But this brings me back to reporters. I still remember this:

Yes, a private function has a right to exclude people. If this seems harsh, remember that the same rules apply if, say, a NewsMax or Fox “reporter” tried to crash and disrupt a press conference devoted to science to interject completely inappropriate questions and remarks.

But speaking of behavior, get a load of this:

This man is emotionally unfit for the office.

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Blog post one: Lynnor Special FAIL

I have a few things to say…more than I had anticipated. So here goes:

Workout: it was 52 F outside but my legs were a bit dead. So I went to try a Steamboat 15K simulation indoor, on a track and treadmill.

11:20/10:46 2 miles (lane 2 track) followed by some hills at 5.3 mph..I figured the indoor would give me some heat conditioning. The first mile went fine..did a hill rep 1-2-3 (up every 2 minutes) then 1-2-3 (up every minute) then 2-3 to get to 1 mile. Then 1 mile of 0-.5-1-1.5 then 0-.5…at which point I walked a bit. Then another 6 minute hill 1-2-3 rep..ok, 7 minutes…and then recovery..and…walking. I gave up and walked to 4 miles (6 miles in 1:13). It was becoming too much like a “hard” workout and I want to race on Saturday.

Moral: don’t try to simulate a race at something close to race pace unless you are rested. I had a nice couple of days of workouts the previous 2 days.

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