End of the semester..

Yeah, I got some work done at home, but will quit for the evening. Grading tomorrow: some one Sunday as well.

Lunch with a friend tomorrow; maybe a baseball game in the evening if the weather holds up.

Workout notes: 5K walk, then goblet squats: 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 45, then abs, headstand. It all went ok. Legs were stiff when I woke up though.

Other stuff: social media is interesting, as is discussion. I like to put stuff out there, but feedback from some people is, well, unwelcome as what they say is often uninteresting. I get that.
And some of my posts are “play” and some do not get it.

But something interesting happened on twitter; a person I followed posted a link to a poll which showed that the White House was more trusted (37 percent) than the political media (29 percent). I mentioned that I had seen evidence of that in a “letter to the editor” section of our newspaper; that Trump’s lies were working that group. I got an angry string of tweets back:

I found that odd because I was supporting this person’s point of view. Oh well, I suppose that sometimes someone just wants to vent sans comment. So I did the right thing and unfollowed that person.

Yes, I know, people can grow tired of arguments but …oh well, social media is for the user to use any way they see fit, I suppose.


April 29, 2017 - Posted by | social/political, walking, weight training

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