Enforced humility

Well, the workout didn’t go that poorly. It took me about 1:20 to “run” 6.5 miles; (10.4 km) I jogged 1.6 miles (to Bradley Park, down the hill and round the median to the bottom of the hill from Lower to Upper Bradley Park) then did 5 hill repetitions: from the gate to the entrance of the parking lot. 2:20, 2:22, 2:15, 2:17, 2:20. In the final 3, I focused on knee lift and turnover rather than on effort. I walked around the parking lot and jogged downhill; it took about 7 minutes total (4:40 rests, more or less). Each loop was about 0.56 miles, with about .23-.25 per uphill rep. I was hurting at the end of each one.

Then after finishing a complete rep (downhill too), I ran past the median and did the West part of the lower Bradley park loop (without dog park hill) then back home; warm up and cool down were about 3.75 miles.

Running back I decided to pick up the pace, a little. I was feeling good until I reached Renaissance at which point I heard a “good morning” and the women’s track team blew past me as if I weren’t moving at all. And they were merely cooling down! Realistically, their cool down pace is probably in the 7-7:15 mpm range, and I was maybe doing…10:30? Still…I had the feeling of moving a decent clip to the feeling of waddling in place, and it happened very quickly.

Still, it was a lovely day to run and I still feel ok about this workout.

Note: I looked up my old data. When I last broke 25 for the 5K, I did these in 2:08-2:10 in similar conditions. That was in 2014. I’ve gotten slower.


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