Not quite stuck in neutral (sports)

Well, my weight has been stuck in the high 190’s for some time. The reality: last year, I did a LOT of 25-30 mile WEEKENDS (not weeks, weekends); this year I’ve averaged 35 running/walking miles per week, almost like clockwork.

No swimming, and yes, I’ve been lifting reasonably hard 3 times a week.

The result (TMI): a bit stronger my because of my goblet squats, the butt and thighs are stronger. This hasn’t helped me run faster, but my lower back feels better now that my butt is actually strong enough to contribute to my posture, just a bit anyway.

Today: typical: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10..first set of 10 was dreadful and the last set of 10 was hard),
bench press: 10 x 135, 1 x 185 (shoulders felt a bit sore), incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 150 (strict, kept the hips in place)
military: dumbbell, standing: 10 x 50 (good?) 10 x 45, 10 x 45. Machine rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110.

Then I went to the treadmill: 2-2-2-2-2 warm up (5.2 to 5.6 warm up), the 2-2-2-2-2 second 10 (6.7 to 7.1); 10:56/8:41.
then leg weights: walk 1/2 a lap and do 5 goblet squats: 3 sets with 45, 3 with 50.

Last night: exercise with Mamma T. What a character: “You’re in trouble”. Me: “why”? “Because you’re here.”

Silliness: I love it.

Walk with the group tonight.

Sometimes I feel better with a second, post work (or lunchtime) walk; my guess is all this sitting isn’t good for me (on the days when I don’t teach much).

And no…when I run with a female friend, we do not look like that. Oh hell, yeah, “cute young woman’s butt” but to be blunt, at my age, it is better to chase after the more age appropriate women. They have bigger butts (a good thing from my point of view) and, at least as of now, I have a prayer of catching at least a few of them. Ok, most of them (NOT all).


April 6, 2017 - Posted by | running, spandex, weight training

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