Dude: give it up.

Well, I think that I’ve been “overdoing “taking it easy””. I noticed that yesterday when, while I was walking an easy 5 miles, (8 km) some younger woman walking a dog started to gain on me. Some days, I have to be intentional; my “just strolling pace” is now embarrassingly slow.

so I went out today and at least tried to pay attention: 36:18 at the start of the bike path, 47 at the Riverplex and 1:40 at Forrest Hill and Central. I went around the goose loop (one addition) and my time for the 10.76 mile course (deliberate walking) was 2:39:43 (14:50 mpm); I added a Bradley campus loop to finish 11.38 in 2:48:19 (14:47).

Ok, my 10.5 miles on this course (not counting the goose loop) was in the mid to high 2:20’s with a similar effort…5 years ago. Who am I kidding. I’ve slowed, period.
I might get faster and a sub 6 hour walking marathon is still realistic for me….but also *challenging*. Ok, maybe, just maybe, 5:40, given a proper walking weight, a cool day and proper preparation? I can forget a 5:15 walking marathon; that is a relic of the past.

The good: beautiful walking weather; I actually enjoyed the walk and saw a blue heron.

I’ve got some decisions to make: 6 hour event in July (near Macomb), FANS 12 hour in June or fall marathon attempts?


April 2, 2017 - Posted by | marathons, walking

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