The capacity for introspection

I was reading a “vaguebook” lament by someone on Facebook and the person included the phrase “how do some people live with themselves”.

I thought about that.

I will not pretend that I don’t make mistakes; I happen to make a LOT of them. I’ve paid for some of these. And on occasion, my thoughtlessness or obliviousness might have hurt someone.

But one of the things I do reasonably well is that I examine myself: “what did I do? How could I have done better? What went well? What should I keep doing? How much of this problem that I am facing is my fault, and what do I have control over? What can (or should) I change?”

Now I won’t pretend that I’ve never faced unfairness; I have. But the vast majority of the unfairness that I’ve faced has been, in the great scheme of things, very isolated and trivial; I have to admit that the major trajectory of my life has NOT been significantly been affected by unfairness.

I also know that there are those who grew up in grinding poverty, faced abuses of varying degrees, were let down by those who should have protected them, been denied deserved promotions, faced racism or sexism, etc. Not of that applies to me but, sadly, it does apply to others.

BUT, I’ve noticed that there are those (e. g. our current POTUS, and yes, some people that I know personally) who seem incapable of even the least bit of introspection. They are good at describing at the wrongs done to them, sometimes embellishing them, and talking about how much they give to others.

But to examine THEMSELVES as for what THEY did wrong or the hurt they caused others: Not. Going. To. Happen.

There was a time I envied such people; after all, many of my errors continue to bother me; it seems as if I remember every failure, misdeed, dishonest act, etc. Ah…to believe that I’ve never done such things…wouldn’t that be great?

Well…yes our POTUS was born rich, but few are. Most have to endure the consequences of their lack of introspection…and surprise, surprise…many end up lonely and wondering “why don’t other people accept me? It must be that they can’t handle all of my positive attributes,”, “they cannot accept a strong, smart woman”, etc. Taking a look at themselves never even occurs to them. And it never will.


March 1, 2017 - Posted by | political/social, politics, politics/social, social/political

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  1. Well said, Ollie!

    Comment by Lynn | March 1, 2017 | Reply

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