In defense of “Safe Spaces” (of a type)

Ok, let me make it clear what I am not defending: while I understand male/female bathrooms and locker rooms, I do not approve of having a university sanctioned area where only men, or women, or someone of a specific race are allowed.

What I am talking about: voluntarily limiting one’s social circle when it comes to certain things.

Here is one instance: usually, I make it a point to never discuss mathematics except with other mathematically inclined people (mathematicians or experienced STEM field people).

Reason: I teach for a living, and correcting someone’s elementary error is not a pleasant exercise for me, especially when they try to insist that they are right.

This is not how I want to spend my “off work” time.

I broke my rule of thumb, and paid a small price. Here it is:

Prove: 1 = 2.

x^2 - x^2 = x^2 - x^2 Ok, true enough.

x(x-x) = (x+x)(x-x) Yes, this is true: (x+x)(x-x) = (x(x-x) + x(x-x)) = x^2 -x^2 +x^2 - x^2 = x^2 - x^2 . Yes, this also equals 2x^2 - 2 x^2 .

Now that we have x(x-x) = (x+x)(x-x) Cancel an x-x factor on each side.

This gives x = 2x which leads to 1=2 after cancelling the x.

Of course, this is wrong; we were not allowed to divide both sides by x-x as that is zero.

But someone tried to tell me that iwas ok to divide by zero even if the numerator did NOT go to zero…Oh boy.

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Start horribly, finish ok? What is going on?

How my body reacts continues to surprise me.

This morning I decided to try for a 3 hour walk; no biggie, right? I got one mile into it and was already tired..said “the hell with it” and turned around to go home. That’s it; 2 miles of 16 minute per mile walking?

But I got a drink and went to the gym to lift; the lifting workout went fine:
rotator cuff
pull ups (6 sets of 10; I miscounted sets)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 8 x 170
incline press (plant those hips) 10 x 135
military; 10 x 50, 7 x 50 standing dumbbell, 10 x 80 (each arm) machine, strict.
rows: 3 x 110 machine
squats: several sets including 4 x 5 with 45.
leg presses: 3 sets of 10 x 250 (maybe not deep enough knee bend?)
abs: 2 sets each of 12 twist crunch, 10 yoga leg lifts, 6 moving “half bridges)
headstand (ok) and side planks.

Then I walked 4 more miles (Cornstalk course) with the watch turned off; THAT went fine; much better than the original 2 miles????

My body acts strangely at times.

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