Indiana State 56 Bradley 54: Braves as cold as the weather

We had a mild snowstorm (unusual for THIS winter, but seasonal) and a cold snap that put the overnight temperature into the teens. (F) So, given that ISU-blue was last in the conference, Bradley was 8 out of 10 and there was an 8 pm start to the game, attendance wasn’t great:


Announced attendance was just over 5000, but I doubt that there was even half of that actually at the game. But we were there.


And Bradley showed up, at least for the first half. Bradley jumped out to an early lead (hitting some 3 point shots; 50 percent in the first half) and lead 27-15 early. ISU rallied to cut into the lead, but a late 9-2 run put Bradley up 38-27 at the half. Things were looking up.


Bradley paraded its “athletes on the honor roll” at the half. I saw some of my students out there.

But then came the second half. While ISU made some good defensive adjustments, Bradley was so poor from the free throw line, they averaged 50 percent for the game. And this was *everyone*; this wasn’t a matter of the team’s worst shooter getting free throws most of the time.

And it took BU 10:30 to get its FIRST field goal (yes, 10:30 field goal drought) and BU was to go…THREE for TWENTY FOUR in the second half. 24 shots (many lay ups), 3 makes. That is not a misprint.

Needless to say, ISU took a small lead…but somehow, somehow, Bradley got it back and lead 54-51 with 1:48 to go. All that, and still BU lead.

But they left open ISU’s best shooter for a 3, and then gave up a lay up. BU called a time out but could only get off a bad look 3 point shot. That missed but with a few seconds to go, BU got a steal! With 1.8 seconds, a BU player desperately tried to call “time out” but the referee didn’t see it; he watched the driving desperation attempt from afar, which missed.


And thus ended Bradley’s hopes of putting together back to back conference wins.

This was perhaps the most disappointing game of the season. Yeah, the guys tried, but they seem to lack confidence in themselves; they have that “oh no!” aura when things go wrong.

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