Not all opposition to Trump is policy based..nor is it all political

Yes, I get it. We had an election and the Republicans won…bigly. So I “get” that we are going to get a more conservative government.

And as a citizen, I’ll continue to lobby my members of Congress for policies that I think are right.

But what is going on now is well beyond that.

The Executive Branch I feel that our President lacks the competence, knowledge, humility, temperament and deportment for the job.

Come on; he got outraged about the crowd size at his inauguration and lied about it! Then he followed it with a ham-fisted executive order on visits and immigration; parts of it had to be rolled back. And about the raid in Yemen: yes, military operations don’t always go well for a variety of reasons; there is always some risk involved. But I have zero confidence in the President! Hence, I give him no benefit of the doubt, even when he might deserve some.

Congress Ok, we have a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, the Republicans shamefully refused to act on President Obama’s nomination. And yes, the Democrats should filibuster President Trump’s. Oh, the Republicans could do away with the filibuster for SCOTUS nominations (though I doubt that they will do away with the filibuster altogether, for many reasons) but that is fine. Make them do it. Republican misbehavior should not be rewarded.


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