Expect to see more misspelled signs from liberals. And that is good!

Yes, I know…I laughed hysterically at the misspelled Tea Party protest signs. I wasn’t laughing so much after the 2010, 2014 and 2016 elections though.

Now we are seeing liberals taking to the protest in larger numbers. And as the number of people that join a group increases, the more that the statistics of that subgroup resemble the statistics of the larger group (i. e.: all Americans). And so we see things like this (at a protest in Peoria, this case “Darin” refers to Darin LaHood, IL-18.


So I suppose the Republicans can now laugh. But that is what happens when a movement grows.

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Bradley holds off Drake rally to win 79-72

Ok, it was a battle between a 8-16 and a 7-16 team, so there weren’t many there to see it.


But I was there and glad that I went. Bradley came out with fire and played with a bit of an attitude.


As you can see from the stats, the Braves shot the lights out from 3 point range; that opened up the inside for dunks, lobs, and put backs on missed shots. Just like the Wichita game, it was a great start..against a “sort of lower-mid-pack” MVC team (even after today, Drake has won 5 MVC games; Bradley only 4).


The Men’s 1995-1996 MVC championship team was honored at halftime; I am surprised at how much they’ve aged. I was already at Bradley for a few years when this happened; I saw these guys play.


But Bradley really isn’t good enough to blow out a “sort of lower-midpack MVC team” like Drake; Drake made a run and cut it to 5 points within the last few minutes of the game (2:36). But Bradley didn’t panic; they got some key stops and rebounds to close out a win.

I see a few more victories this season, especially at home. I don’t see a future home opponent that they don’t have a realistic chance of beating.

Now maybe the women can complete the weekend sweep tomorrow? But they are playing a much better team than they did last night. But ISU-blue is still 5-5 in conference whereas the Bradley women are 4-6. They have a realistic shot at winning this one.

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Not all opposition to Trump is policy based..nor is it all political

Yes, I get it. We had an election and the Republicans won…bigly. So I “get” that we are going to get a more conservative government.

And as a citizen, I’ll continue to lobby my members of Congress for policies that I think are right.

But what is going on now is well beyond that.

The Executive Branch I feel that our President lacks the competence, knowledge, humility, temperament and deportment for the job.

Come on; he got outraged about the crowd size at his inauguration and lied about it! Then he followed it with a ham-fisted executive order on visits and immigration; parts of it had to be rolled back. And about the raid in Yemen: yes, military operations don’t always go well for a variety of reasons; there is always some risk involved. But I have zero confidence in the President! Hence, I give him no benefit of the doubt, even when he might deserve some.

Congress Ok, we have a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, the Republicans shamefully refused to act on President Obama’s nomination. And yes, the Democrats should filibuster President Trump’s. Oh, the Republicans could do away with the filibuster for SCOTUS nominations (though I doubt that they will do away with the filibuster altogether, for many reasons) but that is fine. Make them do it. Republican misbehavior should not be rewarded.

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aching back day 3

Ok, so I decided to wait until the last minute (1 pm basketball game) to workout; this cut down the time I had.

5 mile treadmill walk in 1:01:30; that is a good clip for me these-a-days. I worked up a nice sweat, and this was only about a minute or 2 slower than my “slow jog”.

But the back ached…a little..had I not known I had hurt it, I would have chalked this up to a “stiff day”. And my flexibility is greater; it is on the mend. And NO PAIN PILLS. 🙂

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BU women roll over Loyola 72-45

Bradley’s big center was too much for Loyola; she ended up with 26 points (18 in the first half) as Bradley screamed out to a 47-16 halftime lead and then just cruised.



Note: in the action photo, you can see the men’s team in the stands, lending support.

It made for the end of a good day..though my back was still stiff. I was limited to .5 miles of running and 2.6 of walking on the treadmill (last mile was 12:45, with an incline), plus some back exercises.

I’ll take it easy for the next few is better.

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