President Trump: the armchair president’s dream come true.

Well, the executive orders have been coming very quickly.

One of the latest was his temporary ban on visitors from 7 mostly Muslim countries, which was ruled to include those with valid visas and green cards. A federal judge lifted the ban for visa holders who are stranded in US airports.

But what in the hell is going on here; it is clear that this policy was not thought through carefully. (and yes, Trump supporters approve of such actions).

I think that we have a fundamental disconnect between those who support Trump and those who don’t, and one aspect of the disconnect is seeing complexity of a situation.

Time and time again, I’ve read fan discussion of a sports team and oh-so-many just KNOW what a coach should be doing…without having a deep knowledge of the sport, being around the team itself, having a scouting report of the opponent, etc. And that is just sports!

National and world policy decisions are much more complex and have many layers of ramifications. So, I prefer someone who looks at the situation, carefully comes up with a conjecture, and then surrounds himself (or herself) with top experts who weigh in with their own carefully thought through analysis ….and goes though “what if” many, many times.

But alas, people who do that are ridiculed in action movies…aren’t they?


And so we get rash, impulsive actions like what we are seeing.

Eventually, President Trump will get around to trying to get laws through Congress, and I hope the opposition party uses what is at their disposal, unless he proposes good, or at least, salvageable, policy.


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