Elections matter: our post competence government.

My goodness, I started this blog post in the early morning (rounded up articles) and stuff has already changed.

First of all: what does President Trump want to do? (in terms of the big picture) I do not think that he is serious about the national debt. He mentioned eliminating funding for the arts, PBS and the like. Here is a Neil Degrasse Tyson tweet from 2012 (when Gov. Romney wanted to eliminate funding for PBS)

But it really isn’t about the national debt. It is more about tone; “Make America Great Again” means deemphasizing the international and the intellectual for, well, COMMON SENSE. So it is no surprise that anything to do with science is being attacked. So government agencies like the EPA are being ordered to not communicate science to the public (in terms of official agency statements unless it has been cleared by the political arm first. Yes, their scientists can still publish in peer reviewed journals and the like; the policy is better explained here. And NASA has decided to make its sponsored research free to the public.

Still, what a mess.

President Trump seems to be pressing ahead with his ridiculous claims that 3-5 million people voted illegally. The House Oversight Committee Chair doesn’t see evidence of that and neither do state level officials. Of course, President Trump refuses to back down and refuses to acknowledge that something like “being registered in two different states” really doesn’t mean “voted twice”; people move and voter rolls sometimes do not get updated.

And there is this whole “Mexican Wall” thing. Yes, the meeting between the heads of state (US and Mexico) have been cancelled; Trump floated a 20 percent “border tax” and has since walked it back. It does not appear that Trump is getting the best advice from his professionals.

And yet, do not expect this to mean much to the strongest Trump supporters; they have trouble reconciling that they see with their own eyes if it is not favorable to Trump. Here is such an experiment.


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