The Trump Administration’s Brazen Lie about attendance

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

That is a blatant lie.

Here is a time stamp photo from a good perspective (11:49 am for the Trump photo)


Here are side by side photos from the “behind the President’s perspective; note the red arrow:


“Perspective” plays a role here; it is easier to judge how far back the crowd goes from overhead than from the podium…but when one looks at the podium perspective side by side, once can see the difference.

Yes, there are plenty of ways to spin this: Obama is more popular in Washington DC, it was a landmark inauguration, weather..even the snarky spin that Trump supporters had jobs and had to work.

But this clear visual evidence, plus things like ridership statistics show that the 2009 inauguration was far better attended.

Yes, yes, there are far more important issues that who had higher attendance. But this is an “easy to debunk” example of blatant lying by Trump; this is simply outrageous. This administration has zero credibility.

I’ve never seen another US president behave this way…in my lifetime.

No wonder there were mass protests today; here is a nice collection of aerial photos from many different cities.


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