Passing of Power from the Intellectual to “Common Cents” (*)

(*) yes, “Common Cents” is intentional

Wow. Well, one thing you can say about the inauguration is that there weren’t that many on hand to witness it.


Yes. the “Trump” photo was taken at 11:49 am.



Ok, one might say “the size of the crowds” does not matter that much. As far as the “Trump supporters are working” canard:

I like people who have winner jobs that give paid vacation. Losers can’t afford to go! Sad!

Protests? There were some of the useless idiots who smashed stuff; they always show up. The vast majority of protests were peaceful; even Washington D. C. officials admitted as such.

And there is the tiny fact that the official Trump inauguration hats were not made in the US? 🙂 Get used to President Trump saying one thing, and doing another.

So, what about the vast majority of those who showed up at the Trump event? It is basically what one would expect: outwardly polite, vanilla types.


Oh boy.

So, what about policy?

Well, one could argue that President Trump’s speech was more against President Bush than President Obama.

Yes, President Trump will not have a “honeymoon” but hey what does one expect, given how deliberately divisive he as been since winning the election?

I think the idea is to watch his actions more than to listen to his words. Here are some things to look at.

It is going to be a wild ride; I hope that too much damage doesn’t get done in the process.


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