America gets exposed

Today, I exposed myself, athletically speaking.
There is a treadmill workout I do that I call “The Froggy”: I start at a very easy warm up pace (incline at 0.5) and then increase the speed by 0.1 mph every 3 minutes. If I can start at 5.2 mph and do this for an hour, I’d done a “Full Froggy” and I know that I am ready to race. If I can last 54 minutes (90 percent) I know that I am getting into shape.

Today: I lasted 33 minutes before I took a brief walking break; then I ran enough to get to 5 miles in 54 minutes and 6 in 1:04:20. In other words, I am not close to being in race shape; I was “exposed”.

This happens to sports teams too. I remember back in 2011, the Illinois football team won their first 6 games in a row and then took on an Ohio State team that had lost some games.
But Illinois had some narrow wins against some overrated teams and wider wins against mediocre teams. Ohio State won the game 17-7 and Illinois went on to lose their next 5 games in a row; they were exposed.

Well, today, the US of A was exposed. Yes, this is the same country that elected Barack Obama, but that was really a testimony to Obama’s political skill; it really wasn’t about the nation being able to recognize his intelligence, knowledge and accomplishments.

Cold hard reality: this accurately represents a large swath of our country:

So please spare me “the greatest country the world has ever known” bullshit.


January 20, 2017 - Posted by | running, social/political |

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