I am finally getting back on track, in terms of sports. Good thing too, as classes start up again next week.

Defined goal: sub 26 5K. I barely made that a year ago.

Priorities: running, walking, lifting, add some swimming (say 20 minute swims)

Today: 21:50 2 mile, which included 2:15 of 6.7 mph running
track: 8 x 200 with 200 walk recovery (25:37): 58, 57, next 4 were 55, then 54, 53. These were efforts; I tried to keep a “less glacial” cadence and to lift my knees a bit. Left hamstring is just a tiny bit tender.
treadmill: 24:50 to do 2.25 miles (walk .25, jog 2).

Just a bit of stretching afterward.

I felt better. Not great, but better. It is humbling to think that I averaged 54 seconds per 200 during my half marathon PR in 1999 and again in 2000, but that is how it goes, isn’t it? But baby steps. Baby steps.


January 13, 2017 - Posted by | running

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