These Republican/Trump political developments depress me …in a way I haven’t been before…

Yes, I do know that “elections have consequences”. So when you lose an election (in part, due to one’s party going downhill), there will be stuff that I do not like. Example: the Senate just made it easier to repeal Obamacare…the “repeal” part can now proceed via “reconciliation rules” which means it is immune to a filibuster. But the “replace” part can still be filibustered.

I get that, though I am annoyed that the Senate, by design, gives way too much power to rural, small states.

But there is more going on here. Evidently the usual rules of decorum and conduct do not appear to apply to this “president elect” and the Republicans in Congress will not put a stop to it, since they can now get what they want. Forget about outcry coming from Trump supporters; these people just think it is all “media lies” anyway. And so I’ve grown to despise so-called “Real America” though I realize that a successful presidential candidate has to be able to win at least a few of these voters.

And Trump is getting away with it because, well, the “scandal stories” are just like a tidal wave; it is hard to dig deep into just one.


January 12, 2017 - Posted by | politics, politics/social, social/political |

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  1. There is a certain amusing irony evident with Trump’s juvenile outraged annoyance to the (possibly) inaccurate/manufactured stories about him, given his complete disregard for facts or rationale…………the phrase hoisted by his own petard springs to mind 🙂

    Obviously, even if these allegations are completely unfounded, I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff hidden that’s so horrifying it can’t come out !

    I predict resignation or impeachment within the 1st year. You genuinely have my sympathy !

    (And watch out for those “Liberal hunters” with their assault rifles)


    Comment by Handy Bendy Ghandi | January 13, 2017 | Reply

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