wasted day

Well, I am having trouble making myself go; if this happens tomorrow, I’ll just work on lesson plans. I might just do that anyway.

Social/Political: I saw President Obama’s farewell speech and heard some reporting on Trump’s press conference. The difference is so stark. I wonder if some people really prefer Trump, or they just hate Obama so much, “not Obama” will do.

I don’t get it. Yeah, I “get” arguments over the size and type of safety nets, arguments over the degree or regulation businesses and industry should have, how much of our infrastructure should be private and how much should be public, etc.

But, well, President Obama sure seems presidential and scandal free and Trump is anything but.


Oh well.

Workout notes:

I felt sluggish and my legs didn’t feel great. But I ran 4 miles (42:48) going 5.2 for 5 minutes and continuing this until mile 3 (just under 33 minutes); then I went up a bit at various times during the final running mile. Then I walked a mile to get to mile 5 in 57:25.

Then 1 mile walking outside; it wasn’t that bad outside.

That is 55 miles for 2017; not outstanding but I am getting a bit more comfortable.

Now to think about math.


January 11, 2017 - Posted by | running, social/political, walking

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