What many liberals don’t “get”

I’ve been following this spat with interest.

Now before you say “hey, wait a minute, don’t conservatives live in a bubble”, I’ll say: “of course they do“.

I am not interested in a “liberal America is better/worse than conservative America” shouting match. (though I have a definite preference as to where I would like to live).

But I am interested in at least understanding others outside of my world and I am interested in doing what Obama did: winning just enough votes from outside our our bubble to carry the key states.

And the greater point is this one:


If you really don’t understand why this *alone* wasn’t enough to end Trump’s chances, then you really don’t understand people. Yes, in some settings, one violation of a taboo is enough to bring someone down (say, a college campus) but that isn’t how it works in general. One one hand, there are degrees of social faux-pas. Some are worse than others.

And think of it this way: suppose you had an “almost fatal condition” that could be solved by surgery, and the typical surgery success rate was 50 percent. There is this one surgeon whose success rate is 90 percent, but he/she made some insensitive remarks about (take your pick: racial minorities, women, handicapped people, etc.). Who do you want doing your operation?

And NO, that does not mean “it is ok to mock handicapped people”. It is rude and ugly. It is certainly NOT presidential (I could never see President Obama or President Bush doing this). But not every flaw/rude action is disqualifying, in and of itself.

And so, going on about how rude and crass Trump is will NOT lead to defeating him. His job performance (if we are at peace, economy doing well/poorly, etc.) is what will matter.

Note: in all honesty, I really, really, really hope that I am wrong and that Trump does a great job. But I see no evidence that would justify such hope. None. Good things rarely happen by accident and Trump appears to be scattered and disorganized.


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