I don’t believe in a “justice Karma”

Karma is an interesting concept: initially it was a belief that what one does in this life affects what happens in the “next life”. Now, it is often used as a metaphor for a concept that implies that the wrong people do now catches up with them later; (some religions preach a “hell” for those who do wrong now)


I certainly reject that notion; too many blood thirsty dictators have lived to a ripe old age in comfort for this to be true; same goes for those who got wealthy by, say, cheating others out of their money, being unfair to their workers, or even having slaves in the days of old.

BUT I do believe that many who are selfish and indifferent to those around them, or just plain “use” other people often end up lonely and end up wondering “why”, and perhaps this meme is a statement of that effect?

I do know that I’ve been blessed to be treated well by others; over the past year others have made time to do stuff with me, send me stuff (including this seat goat painting)



January 8, 2017 - Posted by | Friends, social/political |

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