Got some work to do..weight to lose

Basketball notes
Tonight, Bradley plays Loyola at home. Loyola has a higher RPI and an 11-5 record. The lost a tight game (2 points) to NC. State, lost a shootout at Drake and got BOMBED by Illinois State. They are 5.5 point favorites, but the paper is picking Bradley.

We will see how Bradley deals with expectations. I don’t know what to think; I feel that Bradley can win this game, BUT that might be a fan’s wishful thinking.

Workout notes

Ok, my weight (199.5) alarmed me, but it was post breakfast, post “gallon of coffee” and a late dinner..and this was a different scale (Riverplex as opposed to Bradley U.)

Ok, excuses aside, my weight has to come down if I am to run effectively, and my comfortable “fleece lined jeans” are slightly uncomfortable. On other other hand, pull ups are still ok (they usually become more difficult) and I am getting stronger in all of the upper body lifts.

Today’s run: still some loose snow on the ground so I decided to go to the Riverplex and grind on the treadmill. I did the “Froggy”, starting at 5.2 mph and going up every 3 minutes (by .1 mph) until I got to 51 minutes (6.8)..and got a bit too tried and lowered the pace until 54 minutes, then inched it back up over 6.0 mph until I got to 6 miles in 59:4x. (21:50 at 2 miles; 4 miles in 37:50)

Afterward, I walked just enough to get to 10K (1:02:40) and then took it to the track to walk in lane 1, when possible.

55/8 laps per mile, so I did 4.07 miles in 55:35 (14:13, 13:51, 13:55, 13:35) or 13:39 mpm. The track was a bit of a zoo; you had a Wisconsin track runner in her tiny, super tight “not quite a bun-hugger) doing strides, elderly people, people coming to a complete stop, walk joggers, normal runners, normal walkers…and as it turned out, crowd for a length, then empty. But hey, 10 miles is 10 miles.


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