Training/working out: all in my head

Workout notes: today, I started to try to run on the treadmill (snowy outside) and I just couldn’t make myself run. I didn’t want to. Perhaps the interval workout 2 days ago affected me; or was it last night’s rather innocent exercise class?

Nevertheless I switched to walking and walked 2 miles in 29:44. Then after a quick pit stop, I got back on the treadmill and walked 4 more miles in 51 minutes (12:45 pace); I did a .5-1.5-2.5-3.5-4.5-5.5 incline progression, moving up every 2 minutes. Then back down after spending 3 two minute segments at 5.5 (moving at 4.5 mph) and stayed at 0.5 to get to 2 miles. Then I upped the speed every so often until I got to 5 mph, which I maintained to 50 minutes; then 5.1 mph to get to 51 minutes (4 miles).

Then some squats: 4 x 6 goblet squats (0, 25, 40, 40) then 10 x 210 on the leg press.

So I got a workout..but not running.

I wonder how much of this is mental.

I remember yesterday’s bench press workout, which included 5 x 190 (hips down). That is the best I’ve done in several years; sometimes even 3 x 185 is tough for me (bodyweight: 195.7). Then my mind started to race…”hey, 10 x 205 is coming back baby!” uh, no. For one, that 5 x 190 was hard; my left shoulder ached toward the end. And that was, realistically, 1 more rep with 5 more pounds …which is a “margin of error” type of improvement, not a quantum leap.

But I am so desperate for success that my mind sometimes just takes off and makes stuff up.


January 5, 2017 - Posted by | walking, weight training

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