Comment from the Oklahoma vs. Auburn football game

I was watching the Oklahoma vs. Auburn football game, and one of the announcers remarked that one of the Oklahoma running backs was suspended from the team for a year after an incident.

I saw the video. The player got into a verbal argument with another student. The student pushed him and slapped him, and the player punched the other student, who fell and hit a table face first, sustaining fractures.

There was a plea deal and the football player lost a year. I do not know if the other student was charged with assault.

Evidently the player has some anger issues; he was suspended for a game for tearing up a parking ticket on campus.

Oh, I’ve discussed such issues before. Issues like assault are serious issues, but sometimes, assaults ARE provoked. That doesn’t justify disproportionate retaliation (e. g. if someone slaps me, I am not justified in getting a gun and shooting them) but assault prevention/reduction programs do have to deal with “not provoking assault” in the first place.


January 3, 2017 - Posted by | football, social/political |

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