Not the Republicans I grew up with…

Well, in 2017, a new President of the United States will be sworn in, and not the one that I had expected.

I am having a hard time processing this election; in some ways, the result is one that perhaps we’ve been trending toward in a long time. Gone is the articulate, well spoken, intellectual and enter the “fly by the seat of his pants” “rough spoken” rabid so-called “populist” who lives…here?


And that brings me to the subject of my post: this is not your old time “Republicans vs. Democrats” any longer.

When I was young, the Republicans were regarded as people who were proud of their educations and people who insisted on proper public deportment. Public humility was expected; women were to be ladies and the spoken word was to be measured.

And NOW, this is what we get:


(note: CPI went up in November..based on October data…interesting he is taking credit for improvement under President Obama, but never mind)

And the split in the vote was NOT along economic lines (save the poorest category); it was pretty much 50-50 at most income groups. The split was along racial lines AND educational lines.




(exit data via CNN)

What an interesting country this has become; Republicans are no longer the “classical music” party; they are the “Duck Dynasty/Ted Nugent” party.


Note: I know that Trump also parts ways with traditional Republicanism on things like free trade, but is all on board with things like “tax cuts for the rich” (aka “supply side economics”).


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  1. Happy New Year Ollie,

    Who is that strumpet with the briefcase ? Is it Trump’s wife……………….(which would be clear evidence that people will do absolutely anything for money !)


    Comment by Handy Bendy Ghandi | January 6, 2017 | Reply

  2. My word…………….what the hell’s going on Ollie ?

    Obviously, from an aesthetic perspective, it’s hard to complain, but she must have cost him a fortune and I’m not sure that it’s the most presidential behaviour…….do you think he was drunk when he posted it. I thought we’d reached an all time low with George Dubbya, but at least we never had to suffer Laura in the buff on new years eve (Michelle Obama would have been ok ๐Ÿ™‚ ……………………but now trump has taken things to a subterranean level.

    To be honest, I can’t see him doing a full term in office – he’ll get bored once he realises he can’t behave like a locker room braggart and playground bully.

    Saying that, I’d keep my head down come 20th January – I suspect there’ll be a new sport of “Liberal Hunting” legitimised for the deplorables,and you’d be in the firing line……….in fact, I suspect that anyone who uses their non-autonomous cerebral processes at all will be fair game.

    It’s a funny old world, isn’t it.


    Comment by Handy Bendy Ghandi | January 9, 2017 | Reply

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