Obamacare repeal and Trump voters

What do Trump voters want? Krugman opines:

And what Brad is saying, I think, is that what those longing for the return to coal want is those jobs they deserve, where they earn their money — not government handouts, no sir.

A fact-constrained candidate wouldn’t have been able to promise such people what they want; Trump, of course, had no problem.

But is that really all there is? Working-class Trump voters do, in fact, receive a lot of government handouts — they’re almost totally dependent on Social Security for retirement, Medicare for health care when old, are quite dependent on food stamps, and many have recently received coverage from Obamacare. Quite a few receive disability payments too. They don’t want those benefits to go away. But they managed to convince themselves (with a lot of help from Fox News etc) that they aren’t really beneficiaries of government programs, or that they’re not getting the “good welfare”, which only goes to Those People.

And you can really see this in the regional patterns. California is an affluent state, a heavy net contributor to the federal budget; it went 2-1 Clinton. West Virginia is poor and a huge net recipient of federal aid; it went 2 1/2-1 Trump.

I don’t think any kind of economic analysis can explain this. It has to be about culture and, as always, race.

There is a more abstract discussion here which is quite uncomfortable as it points out the role of luck and timing when it comes to doing well financially. Yes, there are those who would do poorly in any circumstance; there are plenty of slackers and moochers. But not all who struggle fall into that category.

Obamacare repeal: the big thing is that those making 200K and 250K per year will get a nice tax cut if it is repealed.

Workout notes: I went to the spandex palace (aka “Riverplex”) and did the following: 33:10 for 3 miles, 3 x 2 laps plus 1 lap walk/jog (9 laps) on the outer lane..that got me out of breath.

then 2 miles in 21:10 plus .1 walking to get me to 10K; headstand and some light squats afterward.


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