Colts turn the game over to the Texans 22-17

Though the Colts outgained the Texans 348-316, the Texans controlled the ball, ran for 185 yards and got three turn overs; one on a strip sack, one where the quarterback was hit while passing…and one when the Colt receiver just plain fell down. And the Texans kicked 5 field goals (Colts missed a 55 yard attempt just prior to halftime).

It started out promising, with the Colt quarterback making a 33 yard run as the Texan left end broken containment. But that lead to a field goal..which the Texans quickly matched. It was 10-3 at the half.

The third quarter saw the Texans take a 16-3 lead, partially based on a field goal after a turn over. But then the Colts struck back with a drive and were driving again and had the ball first down on the 1. But a tackle for a loss lead to a third down inside the 5..and the quarterback getting hit while attempting to throw and fumbling, which the Texans recovered.

So it remained 16-10 and the Texans drove to kick a field goal.

The Colts did strike back with a long pass, but Texan running put them in position to kick another filed goal. But it was only 22-17. The Colts had one more drive but failed on 4’th and 1 to end the game.

Overall: the extra turnovers just killed the Colts, as did the Texan ground game and accurate field goal kicking.







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