America: you’ve been conned (ok, some of you)

Yes, I am doing a slow burn seeing that the “losing” candidate now has 2.8 million MORE votes than the “winning” candidate…a margin of 2 percent. Yes, I know; both major campaign knew the rules and the Trump campaign outdid the Clinton campaign in the key “swing” states…no argument here. I didn’t like it in 2000, but hey, the margin was 500K; less than 1 percent. This is a much more substantial margin. This “rule by the minority” sucks.

But Trump won nevertheless, and baring some sort of coup by rogue Republican electors, he will be President of the United States.

And so comes the agenda.

And the agenda is: repeal the last vestiges of the “New Deal”. Yes, this includes cuts so Social Security (New Deal era) and Medicare (from the 1960s; not a New Deal program of course, but in its spirit).

THAT is the goal, and the Republicans will do just about anything to achieve it.

Deficits? Ah, they will use the “we are broke” as an excuse to “cut entitlements”, though these said deficits don’t matter when it comes to tax cuts for the wealthy. They will use “people like her are living off of your tax dollars” as an excuse to cut safety net programs, even though the irresponsible are not the norm..they are the exception. And thins like SNAP do provide stimulus and can help future generations stay off of public aid.

I can recommend Paul Krugman’s book The Conscience of a Liberal to see the Republican long-term blueprint. This review, while FAR from a cheerleading review, tells you what you can find in this book.


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