Post two: my election RANT

Yes, I am going to have more factual things to say in subsequent posts. But this is more about getting stuff off of my chest.

Yes, I went through this before, back in 2004. I had worked as a volunteer for the Kerry campaign and I was just crushed when Bush won the election. I wanted to cry; it was reasonably close and I thought that we had a shot. And yes, I was angry with the country. Yes, this angry. I felt that we had a President who lied (or was duped) us into a war, hurt our economy and yet was reelected….because people were scared.

If I ever wanted to quit the United States, it was then.

And now, another loss. Yes, I’ve heard about “well, maybe the vote was rigged”. I’ll deal with that in a subsequent post. Let’s just say that I see no reason to doubt that Trump’s victor in the Electoral College, which is all that matters, was authentic. But that is for another post.

I’ve heard that “yes, Clinton got 2 million more votes” (it was 1.6 million the last time I checked CNN; that was about a 1.2 percent lead). But yes, the campaigns knew the rules.

Yes, I saw Trump as a rank amateur; someone who lacks the deportment and temperament to be President of the United States. I see him, first and foremost, as a highly skilled con man.

But this time, I am angry…with liberals and the Democrats.

This election was quite winnable. But you had an overconfident candidate not even campaigning in some important states. Warnings that Clinton’s electoral college lead was shaky were ignored (here and here) We had Trump talking about “bringing back good jobs” (empty promises to be sure, but that is what he was talking about), and our team? Well, we were busy making big deals out of things that just aren’t on the radar screens of many voters.

Yes, didn’t we have things like “minimum wage” on our side? Guess what: most who vote don’t give a damn about the “minimum wage”; it really doesn’t apply to them. The poor: largely don’t vote.

Oh, I am sorry that Loretta doesn’t get to shower in the locker room of “her” choice. I’m sorry that someone who stole a car and attempted to avoid police was shot and killed. I am sorry that Trump called some women “fat pigs”.

Yes, I agree that when it comes to drafting policy some of these issues need to be dealt with. But when it comes to campaigning: most of the electorate doesn’t give a crap about all of the stuff that bleeds all over my Facebook and Twitter feed. You aren’t going to win elections that way. As for that army of angry women who were going to take Trump down: yeah, right:



Yeah, those women really taught Trump a lesson, didn’t they.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: show biz wins elections, and Hillary Clinton sucks at that. Add to that a poor strategic campaign, and we find ourselves with close to a 2 million vote lead ..and an Electoral College loss.

We Democrats and liberals really are a clueless, pathetic bunch.


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