Colts 24, Titans 17; fast start and hanging on…

Last year, my “double” was a 28-3 Illinois loss to Ohio State followed by the Bears crushing the Rams 37-13. I’ve had one other “double” weekend: Texas upsetting Oklahoma 28-24 followed by the Cowboys getting pasted by the 49’ers 31-13 the next day. That was back in 1989, I believe.

This year, I followed Illinois 28-0 loss to Iowa with watching the Colts vs. the Titans. The Colts managed a 24-17 win.

It started great; the Colts scored touchdowns on their first three possessions; the second saw the Colts execute a flea flicker; they had both a deep and a check-off receiver wide open and so they threw it underneath.
And so it was 21-0 in the second quarter and the Colts were driving…again. But their very reliable kicker missed a 42 yard field goal and momentum shifted; they got a touchdown to cut the lead to 21-7.

Second half: the Colts had to punt a couple of times right away, and the Titans, lead by their quarterback, managed to score 10 points to cut the lead to 21-17. The Colts finally managed one drive to cut it to 24-17, and thwarted one final drive. Then with 2:2x left, the Colts got one first down which iced the game.

One of Barbara’s game photos.


The flag prior the start.


First play.


The larger of the two massive windows.



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