I was duped by President Obama….

I remember the doom and gloom after the crushing 2004 defeat:


Ah, we had those “Kerry” states to fall back on…Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

Then came Obama in 2008:


And he won reelection, though losing Indiana and North Carolina the second time.

Well, the “Kerry States” I thought was a “firewall”. Those, plus Virginia, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado…and it is IN THE BAG, Florida and Ohio be damned.


Ooops. Kerry States Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are gone; Michigan remains too close to call. Yes, there were warnings about Pennsylvania that the Clinton campaign failed to heed.

Think about this: Clinton underperformed Kerry, at least in the Electoral College (not in popular vote, where she, as of this writing, has a 700,000 vote lead that continues to grow). The army of women who were going to lead her to victory never materialized:

 The class divisions between women came to a head in the 2016 election, when Big Feminism failed women, big-time. Mainstream feminists sold women a bill of goods, arguing that the election of a woman president would improve the lot of women as a class. Echoing Sheryl Sandberg’s dubious thesis, they claimed that leadership by women will as a matter of course produce gains for all women—though actually, the social science evidence for this claim is mixed at best. There was also a lot of talk about how having a woman president would “normalize” female power.

The class divisions between women came to a head in the 2016 election, when Big Feminism failed women, big-time.
But if you’re a woman living paycheck to paycheck and worried sick over the ever-diminishing economic prospects for you and your children, you’re unlikely to be heavily invested in whether some lady centimillionaire will shatter the ultimate glass ceiling.

So what happened? I’ll have to think long and hard about this, but, more and more, it appears that we are the same sorry collection of losers that we always were. We don’t show up unless we are entertained.


We wag the finger at others. We think that our throwing public temper tantrums will change…something. We think that screaming “=ism” or “misogyny” is going to change something…and it didn’t even get us the white women vote.

Evidently, there were more white women like this one than there were angry white female feminists who were just going to TAKE IT to Donald Trump.


Oh, yes, “Bernie would have won” (yeah, sure).

Obama fooled me. Yes, he was a smart, hard working, effective president. But he won because HE was good, not because the Democrats have come back. Without Obama, we continue to be the same old rag-tag collection of sorry losers. Hell, I don’t even like being a Democrat right now. And no, I want nothing to do with the bat-shit crazy green party.

Just call me a sucker for lost causes.



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