And my anger flares…and this time not at Trump or at his supporters..



Yes. I meant what I said in the above meme. I really did ache for these women (carefully chosen) and for my late mom.

They were ready for a smart, competent woman to win the Presidency. They had endured a lifetime of enduring insults; some small, some subtle, and some not so subtle. Some have been groped or otherwise violated (or worse) and have had their concerns dismissed. They have been passed up for promotion in favor of less competent males. They have had their ideas dismissed right off of the bat; they have had men charge in to “explain” stuff to them.

Well, maybe electing a strong woman would ease some of that pain…and defeating a crude, vulgar man who routinely does all of those things would send a strong message to society and at least give them a boost.

So I ache for them.

But ….

Just before the election, I *knew* that women would lead the way, take charge…and cancel out their husband’s/boyfriends/male coworker’s votes.

But something happened: yes, Hillary won the popular vote while losing the Electoral College.

But look at some numbers:

Black men: 80-13-7 (Clinton, Trump, other)
Latino men: 62-33-5
White women: 43-53-4
White women sans a college degree: 34-62-4


So those who “just knew” that women would lead the way? Well, yeah, women of color. But not white women.

Evidently these feminists really don’t know women all that well, do they?

Yeah, feminists might be good at identifying problems, but they aren’t so good at persuading their sisters to go along, are they?

Beware when someone says “as a member of group X, people in group X think….”…really we can only speak for ourselves.

Sadly, I see the “activists” starting to double down on the sanctimonious finger wagging that didn’t work to begin with.


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