Now for my own anger….

Yes, I realize that not everyone likes every candidate. Yes, had Hillary Clinton lost to, say, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney or John McCain, I’d be sad but…I’d say “it is going to be ok even though I won’t like all of the policy decisions”.

I would have reached out to my political opponents with a handshake.

But Donald Trump:

1. We have a rank amateur who has never been a general or held elective office
2. We have someone who not only knows very little about actual policy but is also indifferent toward getting up to speed on policy
3. We have someone who sets very poor standards in terms of civility and deportment
4. We have someone who can get baited with a tweet.

I saw the debates. It was clear who knew more and it wasn’t Trump.

My expectations are so low that I’d be thrilled if he avoided getting us into a nuclear war during his administration. Talk about having a low bar…

This isn’t to say that I oppose all of his ideas. If he solicits, say, a large spending bill to repair our infrastructure, I’d want my Democratic Representative and Senators to cooperate and work on a deal.

I do not have high hopes. But, I was completely wrong about the election; maybe I am just as wrong as to how poorly he will do? I hope so.


November 10, 2016 - Posted by | political/social, politics, politics/social, social/political |

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  1. agreed. Of course, the congress has already said that his infrastructure plans “aren’t on the front burner”. I’m more concerned about the irretrievable damage he’s planning for the environment and foreign policy. Diplomacy is not going to exist, clearly, with his tantruming, rude, blustering, personality…

    Comment by urbandirthippie | November 10, 2016 | Reply

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