Odds as of noon today….


(from here)

2016: two books at 2/9, twenty at 1/5, two at 1/6, one at 3/19.
2012: three at 1/4-4/17, five at 2/9, eight at 21/100-1/5, two at 2/11, one at 1/6 for BHO.

That is looking good.

Predictwise: 89 percent.


The non-obvious state percentages:


Electoral vote has it 317-221, Election Projection is 313-225.

Well, I should do SOME work. I did give my students my “please vote” speech, noting that some were 37-38 years younger than I am…some of the freshmen are 39 years younger than I am. When they get to be my age, I won’t be here anymore.

Workout notes: lovely, easy (and too damned slow) 5.1 mile run on my hilly Cornstalk course.


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