Has it really been 25 years?

Workout notes: slow paced weight workout (low energy), 2 mile walk in the neighborhood.

rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench press: 10 x 135, 3 x 185 (off), 7 x 170 (normal), incline: 10 x 135, rows (3 sets with 50), military: 2 sets of 15 x 50 dumbbell (seated, supported), 10 x 40 standing. A few free squats, 10 x 25 (not a misprint), abs (2 sets of yoga leg lifts, twist crunch, moving half bridge). Headstand was easy today??? Then an easy 2 mile walk around the neighborhood. Very warm day; good thing the marathon wasn’t today!

Marathon fall out:

1. Some people saw me in the weight room and asked me. I felt…well, embarrassed. Yes, I am happy that I hung in there and finished; the time is long, long passed when I could take a marathon finish for granted. But I was well over TWO HOURS slower than I used to be, and that is embarrassing to me. But what am I going to do?

Then I saw my friend’s time. He had run 3:07 earlier this year, but got leg cramps and had to walk it in this time; his time was “only” 3:58 (he was blazing along at a good 3:05 pace earlier in the race.
Yep…something similar happened to me in 1999; I hit mile 20 in 2:37 but cramped up and limped the last 10K in 1:08; I wasn’t really hurting but my legs cramped up so much that all I could do was walk.

It is relative to one’s abilities, age, fitness, suitability for the marathon, etc.

And then I watched the 70 year old guy finish something like 8 minutes behind me. No way I’ll be that fast at that age.

25 years: today, I get my “25 years at the University” pin. My good friend agreed to be my guest. I got to this university before most of my students were even born.

Well, what can I say. Though the year is far from over, it has been a good one so far.


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