FCS football can be fun too…

I caught an Illinois State game this past Saturday. It was a last second decision; I bought my ticket about 2.5 hours before the game started. They seated me in row 3, with some of the athletes (volleyball players), coaches and parents.

Though it was a fun experience, I think that I’d prefer higher up; plays toward the corner of the end zone were obscured by the players on the sideline. Still, I was close enough to hear the coaches, players and the hitting.

Yes, this was FCS, but Illinois State beat Northwestern this year and Southern Illinois has competed with big time teams before.

Southern raced out to a 10-0 lead before ISU rallied. ISU’s offense was mostly big plays: a 55 yard run here, 42 yard pass there. ISU took momentum and lead 14-10 before a key play at the end of the half. Southern made a long drive and hit a pass to the ISU 1 yard line. But only 10 seconds were left, but they had time outs. A running play into the line was called, and the runner fumbled the ball while going into the end zone, at it was recovered for a touchback. So the half ended 14-10.

The third quarter was just a ton of action; a field goal cut the lead to 14-13; a long ISU pass pushed the lead to 21-13, but Southern came right back to tie the game with a touchdown and a 2 pointer.

But ISU burned Southen with another bomb to put the lead 28-21 going into the 4’th.

A nifty 50 yard field goal (each team had a 50 yarder) pushed the lead to 31-21. But Southern still had life. The got the ball for one final drive and scored to cut the lead to 31-28. But ISU recovered the onside kick and ended up running out the clock. Southern had time outs but an offside penalty on 3’rd down lead to a time run off and the end of the game.



First quarter action.


Southern punting later in the game.


ISU scored their first TD on this play; it was set up by a 55 yard run.


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