Purdue 34, Illinois 31. I am a terrible fan.

I’ve had season tickets since the 2011 season (via the university since the 2012 season). I’ll renew next year…even though the Illini will be very fortunate to win 1 or 2 more games the rest of the year. Why? I love the games, and though the Illini lost to Purdue 34-31, the game was a thriller. I wish that the Illini had won and been celebrating with their fans and band, but the game had me on the edge of my seat the whole way.

My summary: yes, you can talk about the missed field goal at the end of regulation. But the kicker made 3 of 4, including some tough kicks. You can talk about the fumble in overtime, but the player who did that also made some spectacular runs and lead his team to 25 of its 31 points. The kicking and offense was fine. The team simply could not stop Purdue and made some “loss of cool” penalties that made Purdue’s field shorter.


Total yards were pretty even: 499 to 459, and Illinois ran for 315 yards, Purdue for 231. But ultimately, when a team gains almost 500 yards and scores 31 points, they should win.

Illinois moved swiftly to the Purdue 5 (mostly running) and had second and goal at the 1.


But the Purdue defense played good goal line defense and forced a field goal attempt, which was good.

The troubles began when the Illini could not stop the Purdue ground game. It was 7-6 soon after the end of first quarter on a long field goal. The Illini starting quarterback was hurt on a late hit, but the backup ran for 137 yards and hit a few key passes. IN THIS GAME, the offense was more effective with the back up in the game.


A flanker screen by Purdue made the score 14-6 but the Illini marched right back to cut it to 14-13. But then Purdue got the ball back, and you know the drill by now. A long field goal by Illinois made the score 21-16 at the half.

The third quarter saw a Purdue field goal and then the Illni scoring on an 88 yard drive; the key play was a spectacular “catch off of a tip”. So it was 24-23 Boilers going into the final quarter. A balanced 70 plus yard drive capped by a 2 point conversion put the Illni up 31-24, but you know the drill. Purdue marched right back to tie the game…

Then when the Illini were forced to punt late in the game, Purdue started a drive with about 1:20 left and 3 time outs. But with about 50 seconds to go, INTERCEPTION off of a tip! The Illini were at their own 41 with times outs to burn.

And they got it down to the Purdue 24 with 9 seconds to go…and 2 time outs left. But they were on the left hash mark. The Illini elected to run down the clock to 3 seconds and to kick rather than risk running a play to the center of the field.

The kick: off of the right upright. Overtime.

Illini start, make a first down…then fumble.

Purdue gets the ball, drives it to about the 10 and then run a play to the center of the field.


The kick was good. Purdue wins. Still one hell of a game though.

Highlight videos (and there a lot of them)

My photos:


Last minute action.


The winning kick.


Student section.


Pregame fight song; the band has bock “I” in Il I ni.

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