2016 election: resembles the 1990 Texas Governor’s race just a bit.

I watched Trump’s odds fall overnight …again:


There was quite the firestorm over the taped remarks he made.

Now this never really changed my mind about him; I completely expect that he would have made remarks like this.

I’ve grown up around military and football lockerrooms and I’ve heard talk like this…from young guys. As we get older, the more mature guys start to say “hey, dude, that’s gross; don’t talk that way”..and the younger guys pick up the cues and adjust.

But if you’ve always been super wealthy…who is going to correct you?

Nevertheless, this isn’t what one expects from an established leader, even in private.

This sort of reminded me of the 1990 Texas governor’s race between Clayton Williams and Ann Richards. Now there are some big differences: Clayton Williams built up his own business; Trump inherited his wealth. Clayton Williams started with a big lead in the polls and lost it with his mouth. Hillary Clinton was never behind in the race; the size of her lead ebbed and flowed but never vanished.

But yeah, bus public statements can kill a politician’s career.


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