Very Grumpy Run/Walk (at first)

We aren’t leaving for Chicago until later so I had time for a “run/walk”. Yes, I failed last weekend but I still had a draining 20 miles on Sunday. Today: much, much easier weather (wet pavement from drizzle; cool-ish 60 F) and I decided to fit in a 15 mile run/walk


Total time: 3:24 (13:23 pace); basically I mostly jogged the first 10.5-11 miles (until I got to the Goose Loop) and then I walked the last 4.5 or so. My walking pace “felt” faster than it actually was.

But on the way out…OMG…I hated having to wear a reflective vest, hated having to carry water, hated the uphill, the gravel on the road, …just everything. But I told myself “just do it” and it went fine. First walking break was just past 7 miles (1:14 for the 6.1); but it was fine. My mood picked up during the downhill stretch. But by no means Have I recovered fully.

Nevertheless, it was a decent “last workout” for my upcoming marathon two weekends for now, and a nice way to send myself off to the Bears game. And if the weather is like this on marathon day, I’ll finish this time.


October 1, 2016 - Posted by | marathons, running, walking

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