Running: my 5K run (Hilltop 5K) and Western Michigan’s run over Illinois

My time for the “5K” (actually, about 3 miles): 25:58. This equates to about a 26:50 5K or so. I was ok with it though perhaps I finished with slightly too much left?


Yes, it was 41 seconds FASTER than last year; that is a good thing.

That gave me time to eat lunch with Barbara…who got sick and didn’t make the trip to Champaign with me. But I did..and didn’t get sick until I watched the Illini play. Yes, I wore my snazzy Lovie Smith t-shirt.


Final: Western Michigan 34, Illinois 17. Key stat: rushing yards: 287 to 3, Western Michigan. Total yards: 437 to 315.


Yes, the first quarter was back and forth, with Illinois getting the better of it, but failing to finish drives. Then WMU hit a long pass to set up a touchdown run; 7-0. Running set up the second score, which featured a 36 yard touchdown run.

Illinois came up empty on drives (total yards were still close at this point). Illinois was pinned deep…and then dropped back to pass. The quarterback was hit while throwing and it sure LOOKED to me that his arm was moving forward when the ball came out. But it was ruled a fumble on the field, and WMU cashed in. It was now 21-0.

WMU drove again, but Illinois blocked a field goal. Was this a momentum change?

But some razzle-dazzle helped: Illinois executed a flea-flicker off of a double reverse and the tight end was wide open for a 56 yard touchdown. I thought that momentum had shifted, but WMU drove and kicked a field goal. So it was 24-7 at the half.

Second half: Illinois opens with a drive but on 3’rd and goal, an Illinois receiver went high for a ball thereby knocking it away from a wide open receiver right behind him! So the Illini get a a field goal and it was 24-10.

WMU got the field goal back (mostly on running) and it was 27-10 going into the 4’th.

My view of the action:



WMU kept it on the ground in the 4’th: why do anything else? Long drive for a TD and an interception sealed it. Needless to say, the fan base was skeptical:


The game ended with WMU actually passing up an opportunity for a final score toward the end; the visiting MAC team was showing compassion to the outmatched Big Ten team! But, they ARE a lot better right now.


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