I have more respect for Sarah Palin than I do for Donald Trump (sort of)

Workout notes: easy 5.2 mile walk (two loops of Lower Bradley Park); it was untimed. I saw no other runners or walkers out there, which is unusual, given how good the day was.

Post I was getting “tag teamed” by two of my favorite grannies on Facebook (I have friends who love to roast me) and one said that it was like “Obama and Biden ganging up on Trump”. The other said “more like Palin instead of Trump”.

That (good natured?) insult got me to thinking…and, at least in a way, I have more respect for Sarah Palin than I do for Donald Trump.


Yes, Trump has some business savvy; after all, he did manage to make money off of bankruptcy laws and to stick other investors with the bills. Mean: yes, but savvy. And I doubt that Palin is that bright.

But, Trump was born into money and started with a lot of it, and had he merely invested what he had in safe investments, he’d have roughly the amount of wealth he has now.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin was not born wealthy. She was born into a middle class family and got herself elected to office, first to citywide office and later to the governorship. She did this without any inbuilt family connections; this was her under her own steam.

True: we now know about of her because of Senator McCain’s gamble but she got herself into that position to begin with, and I have to respect that.


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