Forward March 8 mile: 2016 version

Just the facts: 8 mile race; sort of flat 2.5 miles out, hilly 2.5 mile middle, net downhill final 3 miles.
Time: 1:21:01 (41:54/39:07)

Weather: 67 F, 97 percent at the start, 64 F, 90 percent at the end. It rained earlier and the course was slightly slick in the 2-6 mile segment. It rained for most of the morning before the race start, only to turn beautiful for the actual race (say, 30 minutes earlier).

splits: 10:12, 9:54, 11:16, 10:31 (41:54), 10:39, (52:33), 9:35. 18:51 (1:21:01) 41:54/39:07 (2:47 difference) 28:28 final 3.

Place: 41/61, 5/7 ag, 27/36 males

Previous races (both in October)

2013 October race 1:17:58
2014 October race 1:12:35

Details: I had thought about doing a long warm up to use this as a “last long run” prior to the Quad Cities Marathon 2 weeks from now. But last weekend’s 15 run, 13 walk, 4 mile race trio (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) still has me tired, so I decided to “play it straight” and just do an easy warm up mile jog and a cool down walk afterward.

And so I took it out easy, as you can see from the splits. I wasn’t quite loose, but I felt ok…I did not know how to gage my effort. For about 1 mile I followed a couple of ladies (1 running with a dog) as they were going at a pace I was shooting for.

I did get passed by a military formation of young guys…they were doing military style chants but running just faster than 10 minutes per mile? Uh…young guys ought to be much faster than that. I remember the Fiesta Five Flags 10K in Pensacola; there the faster formations ran in the 40-41 minute range (6:25-6:30 pace for 10K). While those formations were stacked with fast “ringers”, these young guys should have been doing sub 8 minute miles, at least. But hey, they sang chants.

But never mind that. The “fun” really started at mile 2; we entered lower Glen Oak Park, did perhaps 0.6 miles until we went into Springdale and ran up the first really though hill. I cursed a bit…the surface is “not quite good road, not quite all gravel”. That mile took me over 11 minutes! Yikes!

Then came the down, then a bit of lower road where I saw the faster 8 milers heading back. Up to the road past the mausoleum and back down; I went back and forth with 2 guys and 1 lady. Finally came mile 5 (too one small drink) and then I felt confident enough to pick it up a bit. I was to finish the final 3 miles in 28:28 (about 29:25 for the 5K) which was FASTER than the Zoo Run Run 5K that I ran 2 weeks ago. So my second 4 miles was almost 3 minutes faster than my first.

But I could never catch that tall guy in red I was chasing in the last, long straight portion.

Overall, the race was well organized on the course; I do recommend having two lines for race day (1 for race day registration, 1 for packet pick up). Traffic control, directions, aid stations, etc. were all excellent.

My performance: not so much. 🙂 But I had a good workout and am not *that* sore; call it “speedwork” (LOL) for the marathon.


September 10, 2016 - Posted by | running

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