Sleepy Bridge to Bridge Race

Ok, I stayed up way too late watching the Notre Dame vs. Texas football thriller. Texas won 50-47 in 2 overtimes; it was 37 all at the end of regulation. To be honest, I thought that UT mostly outplayed ND (aside from the opening drive) but made just enough mistakes to keep ND in the game. But when ND rallied from 31-17 down to lead 35-31, UT didn’t panic. But just when UT lead 37-35 and tried for the point, ND blocked it and ran it in to tie it at 37.

What a game! Now it is clear to me that the teams are more or less evenly matched. The question is: are these strong teams? Good but not great teams (say, no. 20-25 type teams)? Or two mediocre teams? The season will tell. My guess: “good but not great teams”.

And so my run: I was sleepy and I had run 15 miles on Saturday and walked 13 yesterday. But I felt better than expected. It was 67 F with 100 percent humidity, which I did feel toward the end of the race.


The results:


I was a bit annoyed that I just missed being the median male (by 1 place) and the median masters male (by 2 places); I just didn’t kick it in the downhill section:

8:47, 8:40, 9:01 (uphill), 8:44. I should have been faster on the downhill final mile. I lost sight of Pat in mile 3; she beat me by about 90 seconds.

But this was better than last week; this was “equivalent” to about a 26:50 5K (I was about 27:20 5K into it). So, I felt good about things.

Socially, I did get to meet up with Tracy beforehand (who won her AG), as well as Mamma T, Pat, Terry, etc.

Note: this year’s did NOT feature the steep Cedar Street Bridge; we used the Michael Bridge twice.

2012 35:29 (4.2 miles)
2013 33:38
2014 34:37
2015 36:18
2016: 35:15 (easier course, very humid, long workout weekend)


September 5, 2016 - Posted by | college football, football, running

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