Starting the taper a bit early…

This week, I cut back just a little. I ran 15.3 miles yesterday (2:53, or 11:22 mpm, which is right around a 5 hour marathon pace) and I walked 13.1 today at 15:30-15:40 or so.



Yesterday’s run came before going to a football game. Today’s walk: I wanted to take just a bit off; it got me to 50 total miles for the week.

Yesterday, I passed Mamma T; we exchanged some ribbing. I jokingly told her that “I’d recognize that butt anywhere” but, in all honesty, what makes her easy to recognize is her hair and her shoulders.

The run, while not outstanding, was better than expected. I think that the relatively cool morning (60 F) helped. Same for the walk.

This week’s training will be a bit different due to the Bridge to Bridge coming up tomorrow; this Saturday I am doing an 8 mile race; I’ll probably do a long warm up (say 5-6 miles) as my “last 2 weeks prior the marathon” tough workout. That evening: football. Football will be the subject of my next post.


September 4, 2016 - Posted by | running, walking

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