Slacking on the back exercises

Given: double header in baseball, then a tone of computer workout without teaching classes (I stand during class) plus not doing my back exercises = “restless night” where I had trouble finding the right position.

I did..I got up early and walked this route (6.28) in 1:33:44 (14:55 pace; deliberate pace but not “fast”…obviously. 🙂 )


Lesson learned.


One thing about the Kaepernick “controversy”: I’ve learned to spell his name.


Ironically, the group of people who applauds Trump for saying that our country has gone down hill and needs to be “Made Great Again” doesn’t seem to support Colin Kaepernick’s not standing for the National Anthem.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who has become a public intellectual since his playing days, has a good take on this here.

So, what to make of this “protest”?

1. It is silent, non-violent and non-disruptive. And yet there is a problem? 🙂
2. Trump supporters appear to want a return to 1950’s social values (no more “press 1 for English” and “get THEM off of welfare!” and quit coddling “THEM” when they commit all of those crimes) while those supporting Kaepernick’s “protest” (such as it is) want more equity (e. g. on how law enforcement treats people of different races). So both groups perceive shortcomings, albeit very different ones.
3. Christine Weick, a religious fundamentalist activist (an extreme one) supports denouncing our country for it not being “godly enough”….and says:

The controversy over the football player sitting out the national anthem, actually has me thinking the same.
I can argue that we are no longer a ‘nation under God’.
Even at this point, I wonder what god with all the pagan images associated with that slogan!
As believers, are we to show no allegiance to anyone or anything other than God Himself?
I say BRAVO! He wants a change in this nation as I do.
Maybe we should be thinking twice about honoring a God hating government.
Look at the pic closely. I think I fits well.

4. Ironically, Colin Kaepernick might well get cut…for football reasons (size of his contract is not warranted by his performance or what he can do for his team, right now). I can imagine the reaction….but hey, if he saved even a small amount of the money he made, he is set for life anyway.

Ironically, I’ve seen him play in person, several times (vs. the Rams). I first saw him on TV when he played for Nevada; his team lost to Notre Dame 35-0. That wasn’t a big surprise given the difference in talent on the teams at that time. But he didn’t show me much…but it wasn’t as if his teammates were on a level of the Notre Dame players. So, his talents remained hidden to average fans like me, though I suppose the professional scouts knew what to look for.


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Out of sorts

This has been a bit of a weird semester. I don’t have that high of a teaching load, but I have 2 “preparation intensive” classes (probability, linear algebra) to teach. We are somewhat understaffed due to high enrollments (higher enrollments are good) so …it will be interesting.

And my wife has been away for a few days as she cares for a loved one undergoing some tough treatment (and things ARE going well…that is good news).

So my solution has been…BASEBALL (so far, no papers to grade…yet…THAT is coming)

Workout notes: 1:04:30 for 6 miles on the treadmill, which was put in a sweltering part of the gym. That is good for heat conditioning and I got 4 reps of 5 minutes at 7.0 mph, with walk/jog recoveries. Then 30:28 for 2 miles of walking afterward (thunderstorms outside); I might walk instead of lift tomorrow, but I’ll lift for sure on Friday and on Sunday.

Baseball: my Sunday game was rained out but I did get to see the Chiefs sweep a doubleheader from the Bees. Both were exiting games; the first was won 7-6 when a single got under the glove of the left fielder, enabling 2 runners to score. Then they won 4-3 in the second game, this time with an earlier rally.


The rained out game was “take your dog to the park” day.


I framed this selfie so you could see Homer in the background.


4 pm weekday start…


Conclusion and celebration…

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