Argh…I am gagging!!!


Yes, I was tired even before I stared to the weather:


Literally 100 percent humidity at the start…low 80’s but still high humidity at the end. But 15 slow miles (about 4:08) is better than zero miles. I just hope that marathon day is cooler than this.

I did see a couple of very fast Bradley XC runners (with a companion on the bike), a few cyclists and other runners.

Later: well, with all of heat and humidity, plus our very fertile soil….back yard was a jungle again. THIS is one reason why Central Illinois is farm country.

Political Posts Even when one corrects for race, Trump supporters tend to be …a bit more affluent than the average American. Yeah, we can laugh at the misspelled signs and the like. But Trump does well with those…whose jobs have NOT been hurt by trade..and live in areas really not affected by immigration. The conjecture: it is a kind of tribalism; those who don’t like “pressing 1 for English”, so to speak.

And as far as prejudice: well, most of us don’t like one group or another. WHO our ire is directed at depends on things like affluence and educational level.


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