Too addicted to Facebook and moving…

Workout notes: Monday: weights only. Tuesday: 4.4 mile walk at 14:33 mpm. A runner saw my ultra marathon t-shirt and struck up a conversation; she did 87 miles at Burning River this past spring.

I’ve been on the road helping my daughter move in for her final year of undergraduate education.



I pulled in for the night just 2 hours east of home; I was getting tired and beginning to be too fascinated by the road lights…

So I should be on the road soon. It will be time to prepare for classes, take care of some administrative bull-sh*t, get in a workout and maybe a baseball game, weather permitting.


No, I haven’t gone this far…YET…


But it has gotten to the point where I tell my “favorite half-dozen” Facebook friends (aka: “stalking victims”) when I’ll be on the road, off line, etc.

So, I’ll check out the news and get on the road.


August 17, 2016 - Posted by | Friends, travel, walking

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  1. Do you read Jim Wright’s stuff on FB? He had a post earlier in the week where he was pissed off that he had left the internet for 4 hours, just to celebrate his wife’s birthday, and the Republicans couldn’t even go 4 hours without doing something stupid. He finished the post with this quote: “Four hours. Republicans can’t go four hours without saying something so incredibly stupid that you start to wonder if maybe Sarah Palin wasn’t the smartest one in the bunch after all.”. So, don’t take too long a break. You’ll miss something.

    Comment by Damon | August 17, 2016 | Reply

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