Warm run and other topics

I got a late start; I left about 9 am and finished about 11 am.



Now I am catching some Olympics; I’ll write on my paper in just a bit.

Olympics and Politics
Trump is getting whipped in the polls and is now a 3-1 to 4-1 underdog in the betting lines. So he is already making excuses about the election being “rigged”.


(Thank you Carmen!)

And yes, I love the sports and the Olympic bodies.



But my (straight) women friends are also enjoying it too. And now, even gay men are coming out to say what they like.

Hey, in general, you have the finest athletes in the world, wearing very form fitting (or very little) clothing. So, I’ll play a game:

What I would want MY body to be like: boxers or sprinters (200 to 400 meter runners)
What I enjoy seeing: yes, the volleyball players (court or beach; I know the butt hangs out of the beach volleyball outfits but the court players have beautiful bodies too) and..believe it or not:


I admit it. Their uniforms aren’t that revealing, but I love their legs.


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